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Single-serve coffee systems continue to gain popularity.

According to a 2014 National Coffee Association report, the use of single-serve brewing systems continues to rise due to convenience and efficiency. For offices and hotel lobbies especially, single-serve machines eliminate any instances of leftover, unused coffee. With the additional option to recycle SolaCap capsules through maker SolaBev’s partnership with recycling company TerraCycle, businesses have … Continue reading Zero-Waste Coffee System Meets Demand for Sustainability

Hospitality: Wake up guests with custom coffee

Coffee in the hospitality industry is evolving and increasingly viewed as a differentiating amenity. A few years ago, small four-cup coffee makers with glass carafes were the norm. But glass presents problems in hotel rooms when it breaks and does not allow brewing flexibility for multiple flavors. Single-serve systems have changed how coffee is presented … Continue reading Hospitality: Wake up guests with custom coffee

In Office Coffee Service, Bigger is Better

In the 1950s and 1960s, coffee consumption in the United States peaked. Coffee was a lower grade robusta with a harsher flavor. People drank their coffee black. And the average coffee serving was six ounces. Things have changes since then. Today’s coffee is milder and made with the more nuanced Arabica bean. The majority of … Continue reading In Office Coffee Service, Bigger is Better

SolaBev is Perfecting the Cafe Experience

As we look back on the many reasons we wanted to create SolaBev, they all boiled down to making single serve beverages better. But, one reason in particular kept us up at night. For today’s single serve beverage drinkers, if you want a big cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate, you have to use … Continue reading SolaBev is Perfecting the Cafe Experience

Single Serve Recyclability

The ubiquity of K-Cups has caused many to question their environmental impact. Though millions enjoy using them daily for making a myriad of different beverages, what gets thrown away is a massive amount of plastic. The K-Cup itself is not recyclable because it is made from a blend of plastics. As a result, every day, … Continue reading Single Serve Recyclability

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