The details are in our DNA

Who Perfects SolaBev?



When asked by their mom and dad, “What do you want to do when you grow up?” most people might reply with professions like doctor, lawyer or teacher. Not Michael. His reply was probably more along the lines of, “I want to take a chocolatier apprenticeship in Paris, go into business with my mom making fine chocolates, revolutionize the coffee beverage industry and innovate the single-serve coffee industry!” That spirit lives on in Michael on a daily basis. He is the chief innovator, product developer, industry analyst and manager of customer engagements for SolaBev. Michael grew up in Colorado and has led his company’s teams for over 25 years from his office in Denver. Michael’s coffee and beverage industry knowledge is unsurpassed. This provides a foundation for creativity and innovation that led to the development of the SolaBev system. In those rare moments when he’s not innovating, Michael can be found playing golf, traveling the world (often to exotic destinations where coffee is grown), relaxing his mind on the yoga mat or reading the weekly Economist.



Someday, Irene might write a business book based on her 25 years of running a company, and one could easily imagine the title, “How to Build and Maintain Powerful Customer Relationships.” Irene leads SolaBev with a view and focus on delivering product excellence to her customers; each and every one of them. It’s rare to find a businessperson today who has such deep customer relationships, a keen understanding of the importance of long-term business interactions and a deep knowledge of her company’s customers on a first-name basis. Irene created Michel et Mere with her son Michael over 25 years ago and is now a co-founder of SolaBev. A traveler and student of the world, Ms. Szyliowicz will continue her specialization on SolaBev international sales and other key customer relationships, while playing a key role on SolaBev’s leadership team in furthering the company’s evolution. When not engaging with customers or traveling the globe, Irene can be found reading, attending theater or sipping a SolaBev decaf cappuccino with friends and family.



When it comes to life, Lauren drinks it in. Her spirit and love for coffee, and beverages in general, led her to work at SolaBev. Lauren started her beverage journey as a barista at Denver’s Peaberry Coffee Co. After a couple of years of making customers their favorite coffee drinks, Lauren moved to Mont Blanc Gourmet where she moved upstream and grew her career, from lab assistant to lab director. Lauren’s keen understanding of service systems and coffee bars is key in the development of products that meet both the operational needs of the business and desires of customers. At SolaBev, Lauren develops all alternative beverages and helps roasters hone in ideal flavor profiles for their coffees. Lauren brings her youthful exuberance to SolaBev and a true sense of adventure to everything she accomplishes -- in the office or outside. She and rescue kitty love to explore Denver and region, taking in a hike in the hills, while enjoying her own special version of “coffee on the rocks” made with a SolaBev capsule.