Bigger capsule. Better taste. Bigger sales opportunities.

SolaBev provides everything an office coffee system distributor could want. A better system with better tasting, bigger drinks as large as 20 oz. Coffee programs that live up to your customers’ image and brand. And a powerful way to differentiate your single serve program from every other in your market.

Employee K-cup theft? Not with SolaBev.

Other single serve programs invite employees to take those capsules home for their own personal use. For purchasing agents and office coffee decision makers, that adds up to a lot of expensive losses. SolaBev is not available in retail stores and there are no home brewers on the market. So those office capsules cannot be used at home. And therefore, less pilferage and expense.

Sustainable. Responsible. Meeting the needs of today’s companies.

Many companies are focused on meeting sustainability goals and if they are buying the big single serve brands, they are adding to the landfill with each cup. SolaBev is the only single serve program that has a 100% recyclable capsule. That means plenty of sales opportunities for office coffee suppliers to help their customers do well by doing good.

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