The Wait is Over

Finally, a single serve system worthy of your roast

Introducing the
SolaBev Flip

The third wave of single-serve coffee has finally arrived. Meticulously engineered to replicate the flavor, quality and consistency of the world’s finest cafés, the SolaBev Flip delivers on the incredible promise that single-serve brewers made to coffee drinkers a decade ago.


Your customers are discerning coffee drinkers. They tried K-Cup coffee once and vowed never again. But what if single serve at home could be as good as your freshly brewed coffee? The SolaBev Flip Brewer has done the impossible, reverse-engineering a patented brewing system that elevates single serve coffee to a place even your customers will enjoy—one cup at a time.

Behind the Technology

The SolaBev formula is simple. Put the highest quality coffee from the world's finest roasters inside our innovative and proprietary capsule technology. The results taste for themselves.

Sealed capsules
keep coffee fresh.

We grind all coffee beans immediately before filling to make sure they are as fresh as possible. Our state of the art filling process injects nitrogen into every capsule. Made from recyclable polypropylene, SolaBev plastic capsules have a strong oxygen barrier to ensure that the contents of the sealed capsule remain fresh until the customer brews their favorite cup of your coffee.


SolaBev has made it seamless for high quality roasters to enter and expand the subscription model business. We put your coffee into our capsules with your branding. We provide all the marketing and signage for you to display at your café or roastery as well as outreach via email or social media. Plus, our proprietary capsules and Flip Brewer ensure consumer loyalty. It truly could not be simpler for your business to add a financially attractive subscription model to your revenue stream in a post-pandemic world.

Be a part of something special

We would love to meet with you to show you how the SolaBev FLIP can bring specialty coffee to your customers in a simple, convenient, singe serve experience.

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