Hospitality: Wake up guests with custom coffee

Coffee in the hospitality industry is evolving and increasingly viewed as a differentiating amenity. A few years ago, small four-cup coffee makers with glass carafes were the norm. But glass presents problems in hotel rooms when it breaks and does not allow brewing flexibility for multiple flavors.

Single-serve systems have changed how coffee is presented in hotels, making it easier to offer coffee choices without brewing an entire pot. One option some hotels offer is a Keurig machine and a four to six K-Cup assortment. K-Cups are stocked by the brewer and replenished daily as needed. This is well suited for a small-sized drink, but the Keurig systems produce another issue. Many people have Keurig brewers at home, so often all K-Cups are taken daily by guests to use later. One hotel buyer estimated pilferage at 25 percent.

As hotels struggle to differentiate themselves in an increasingly crowded marketplace, they brand unique offerings like beds, linens and toiletries.
However, even in the midst of distinction efforts, few focus on promoting their own branded, custom coffee program. SolaBev makes it easy for hotels to build a tailored program.

SolaBev’s new hospitality coffee systems include capsules and brewers that can be branded for hotels. These capsules are not compatible with Keurig brewers so pilferage is no longer a problem. Customization builds the brand and reduces loss. It is time to wake up and smell the custom coffee.