Mug-Sized Single Serve

Keurig just announced the new K-Mug, a larger capsule designed to work in a Keurig 2.0 brewer and make up to a 16 oz. mug of coffee. This is good news for coffee lovers who desire more coffee from a single capsule, which is not a small percentage of the coffee-drinking market.

I recently introduced the SolaBev SolaCapXL, which also brews a 16 oz. cup of coffee, for the same reasons that Keurig is launching the K-Mug. I believe that bigger is better -– at least with coffee -– so of course I welcome Keurig to the large mug party. The catch? This is really bad news for roasters trying to sell unlicensed K-Cups.

Why is that? Well, the new K-Mug is a patent-protected capsule; this means that the renegades of the single serve industry will be unable to offer a compatible knock-off. This is a smart move by Keurig to protect its intellectual property. But, for all of those third parties out there trying to sell their product with Keurig, the playing field has been dramatically altered. They’re not going to be happy about it.

I predict some will switch to a competitive system. One that offers a bigger drink. A bolder flavor. In a recyclable capsule. SolaBev is that system, and we welcome new partners.