Single Serve Recyclability

The ubiquity of K-Cups has caused many to question their environmental impact. Though millions enjoy using them daily for making a myriad of different beverages, what gets thrown away is a massive amount of plastic. The K-Cup itself is not recyclable because it is made from a blend of plastics. As a result, every day, more than 22 million (what!) pieces of plastic are discarded and destined for landfills. Currently, that equates to eight football fields filled with small plastic cups being disposed of daily.

The reason for this stems from the challenge of creating a capsule that will withstand the high temperatures involved in brewing coffee and tea. Companies, including Keurig, continue to diligently work on new solutions that will reduce the need for so much plastic to be thrown away. That’s a good thing, because wouldn’t the drinks taste so much better if everything could be recycled?

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