SolaBev is Perfecting the Cafe Experience

As we look back on the many reasons we wanted to create SolaBev, they all boiled down to making single serve beverages better. But, one reason in particular kept us up at night.

For today’s single serve beverage drinkers, if you want a big cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate, you have to use TWO K-Cups to make a good tasting 20 ounce drink. Honestly, this just didn’t make a lot of sense. We knew that we could do better.

Which is one reason why we invented the SolaCap XL. With the SolaCap XL, you need just one capsule to make a 20 ounce drink. That’s right – just one. That means bigger drinks and bolder taste. And, the icing on the cake? SolaCaps are fully recyclable. When you combine the SolaCap size with our “showerhead” technology, we think it’s truly singe serve perfected.

One step at a time, SolaBev is creating a better single serve experience.

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