Sustainable Capsules


A new all-natural single-serve solution

Solinatra’s advanced all-natural biodegradable material allows SolaBev capsules to provide zero waste, zero contamination, zero concerns—all to give you and your customers 100% satisfaction that they are doing good for our planet. We are leading the transition to the use of sustainable plastic alternatives. Join us.

A sustainable and truly compostable
plastic alternative. Meet Solinatra.

We set out to develop an alternative to plastic that had all of the benefits and none of the drawbacks of traditional plastics. The result: Solinatra – a biomaterial that can be used for products and packaging and then safely composted with zero contamination. Oh… and it’s manufactured from 100% plant-based materials sourced from agricultural byproducts.

0% negative impact on environment.
100% positive impact on your customers.

Solinatra capsules are available to provide your customers with the high-quality brew they expect in an all-natural, biodegradable, zero waste capsule.

Benefits of going biodegradable

  • • Capsules can be thrown in the trash and nature will take care of the rest
  • • A sustainable and truly compostable plastic alternative
  • • 100% plant-based, naturally biodegradable material
  • • No impact on taste
  • • No impact on the environment
  • • Capsules are available for use in Nespresso brewers with regular or decaf coffee
  • • Capsules are available for use in SolaBev brewers with your branding containing top-quality filter drip coffee